An Introduction to Coffee and Books

Welcome everyone, to my very first blog. I’m pretty new to blogging and also new to wordpress.

For me, writing is something I love and cherish. Just something about the words on paper, an author’s perspective, their imagination and their world just calls to me. It’s almost magical really. It inspired me to write myself.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a recent college grad. Close to my mid twenties (Time flies by so fast!) I’ve been reading and writing since the age of twelve (I even remember my first short story which was a ghost story about a girl living in an old Victorian home!). I love watching movies and playing video games. And I spend way too much time on YouTube (booktube is a fantastic subgenre on there). I love learning about history. And I’m slowly formulating my own genealogy of my family.

My goal for the blog is to well…just write. I’ve been dealing with a lot of things (life in general) and I’ve come across something that’s the awful, dreaded obstacle any writer goes through; writer’s block. I cringe just writing that phrase.With this blog, I hope to hone in my skills. To both practice and establish myself as a writer. I want to write just about any and everything. From book and movie reviews to original works and historical facts. I hope to participate in The Daily Posts ‘challenges. Hopefully, I’ll have a schedule for blogging. So, with that being said, I really hope you enjoy my blog.


10 thoughts on “An Introduction to Coffee and Books

  1. Mia says:

    Oh, that writer’s block! I’d been in such a situation for a year and I just sat there in front of the paper for hours and couldn’t write anything. I’m not a writer, writing is just a passion, but it killed me not having inspiration or just… enough words. And now that I have my blog I realize that it comes with time, the inspiration. So, keep writing, you’ll have a day when you say that 24 hours are not enough for writing everything you have planned to write. 🙂

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  2. sarahthinksblog says:

    I’m a new blogger too! As of …today. haha! I love your blog name. Coffee, books, and friends. That just says it all right there!


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