Blank Stares

There was a Blank expression on her face as she tried to listen to the young woman drown on about the latest celebrity gossip, something she used to find entertaining. She closed her eyes tightly, the incessant pounding of her head becoming worse by the minute. She could care less about the conversation nor the young woman she was with. This brunch study session was becoming a little bit more unbearable as she sat there in the increasingly busy cafeteria; with its buzzing sounds of laughter, clinging dishes, chairs scrapping across the floors and diverse voices steeped in conversations. Her name was Jessica and it was the late night reading sessions and lack of sleep that caused this ceaseless pain in her head. Coffee did not help. Ibuprofen only made it worse. No, to Jessica, she believed sleep would help. But another part of her believed otherwise. The other part, the part that was nagging her the most, wanted her to finish the book. This fantasy novel that contained five hundred pages of fantastical magical beings, evil villains, beautiful hero and heroines, and a prophesy that called for the destruction of all humanity. She’s worked hard to finish that novel, a month really. Through dull shifts at her swanky coffee shop job and the almost endless array of papers and readings for college classes, she finally has come to the end. Well, almost. With the incentive to finish and a promise to herself with ice cream and cupcakes, she took her leave. No farewells, no goodbyes. She was gone, back to a strange and exciting world far different from her own.


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